12.1, Quick Search Update

In this version we made some changes and enhancements to the Quick Search functionality.


  • Easy Access Buttons to select type of search
  • Removed the Generic Search
  • Added Document Content Search
  • History on Searches for all types
  • F3 and Enter jumps to next occurrence of match (Shift-F3 backwards)
  • A link presents how many hits
  • The link can be clicked to see all hits in a list in the object list or document list


Number of hits
12.1 Quick 01

No Match
12.1 Quick 02

Product Status

Current Releases

– Master Concept 12.1.0 (Version:
– Master Concept 11.2.6 (Version:
– Master Concept 10.5.7 (Version:
– Master Concept 9.5.1 (Version:

Planned Releases

– Version 12.1.1 during januari 2015
– Version 12.2 during spring 2015