Searchable AutoCAD drawings

In both version 11.0 and 12.0 it is possible to search content in a drawing file from MasterExplorer.  That makes it easier to find the drawing that you need to access.

What do you need to do?

The drawing files must use a font that is a TrueType font for the text to be searchable. We have changed this on out templates so new drawings will have Arial as a default font.

But how about our old drawings?

We have a solution for this also. We update the drawings when the are open using a epc_hook.lsp


  1. Put the file “changeStyleToArial.lsp” in Custom Directory (%appdata%/ides/Master Concept 12/Custom)
  2. Add following to the “epc_hook.lsp” located in (%appdata%/ides/Master Concept 12/Custom)
    – (princ “\nChange style to ARIAL”)
    – (load “changeStyleToArial.lsp” T)
  3. Finsihed



12.0, New PDF Viewer

An alternative PDF Viewer has been added to the 12.0 version.
Enable this viewer by setting the EXP_VIEWER_SETTING variable to Internal2.

With this new viewer you can:

  • Text search
  • Selecting and copying PDF content to the clipboard for Images
  • Selecting and copying PDF content to the clipboard for Text
  • Printing and export to PDF
  • Support for document information
  • Zooming, scrolling and continuous page layout.
  • Page rotation
  • Document navigation
  • Greyscale




Product Status

Current Releases
– Master Concept 12.0.1 (Version:
– Master Concept 11.2.5 (Version:
– Master Concept 11.1.8 (Version:
– Master Concept 10.5.7 (Version:
– Master Concept 9.5.1 (Version:

Planned Releases
– Version 12.1 during Q4 2014
– Version 12.2 during spring 2015

Extern Viewer for 64-bit environment

AutoDWG releases 64-bit version of the viewer DWGViewX. This Viewer works on Master Concept in a 64-bit environment. This is possible to use instead of the internal viewer included in Master Concept 11.0 and 12.0. The DWGViewX is not freeware but you can always download a trial and try it!


  1. Download
  2. Change reg.bat to ”regsvr32 C:\Temp\DWGViewX64\DWGViewX64.dll”
  3. Run reg.bat as an administrator on the machine

You can use the same dwg.html as earlier.

MasterConcept 12.0 Fix1 Released


Information We have released 12.0.1 on the ftp.

Please Download on the customer web.

Readme 12.0.1