16.0, Document/Report Warning “Objects in report/document changed”

In the 16.0 version have updated functionality and fixed some issues with the Document Informatation column. Mainly we focus on the information “Objects in report/document changed” in eralier version this information was called “Object(s) on document changed in database”



  • Reports get marked “Objects in report/document changed”
  • If objects changed in a one of our CAD Applications other documents/reports get flagged for update
  • The warning works on changed made to upper designations to objects in documents/reports
  • With this functionality we have two small but great side effect
    • Reports are now included in the Document List if when a object in the tree browser is selected
    • Standing on a Report in the Tree Browser all objects included in the report are shown in the Object List

MasterConcept 16.0.1 Fix1 Released

Version: 16.0.1

Information We have released this version on the ftp.

Please Download on the customer web.