12.1, Images and PDF

In the 12.1 release we added functionality to handle images and display images. This also mean some raster format like TIF. A PDF will be created during check in for our supported images formats.


  • A PDF will be created during check in
  • A Thumbnail will be created during check in
  • Supported format
    “JPEG”, “JPG”, “TIFF”, “TIF”, “GIF”, “PNG”, “BMP”, “EXIF”, “EMF”, “WMF”, “JPEG 2000”, “PS”, “EPS”, “XPS”, “WPF”, “SVG”, “SWF”
  • We also support TIF with several pages


In the 12,2 version we plan to support CALS format also.

12.1, Copy Structure Perfomance Adjustment

In the 12.1 release we made some performance adjustments for copy structure.

  • Used faster functionality to copy files
  • Did not update the tree after the past is finished
  • Validate Documents in the dialog does not check every cell

A copy that took 30 seconds now took 15 seconds on a small main folder. We think the performance gains will be higher on larger structures.

Product Status

Current Releases

– Master Concept 12.1.2 (Version:
– Master Concept 11.2.6 (Version:
– Master Concept 10.5.7 (Version:
– Master Concept 9.5.1 (Version:

Planned Releases

– Version 12.2 during spring 2015