Larger drawing area for small screens

For those of you who use elMaster Design on laptops with small screens there are some tweaks one can do to improve the drawing area. Minimizing toolbars to improve the drawing area can also be useful for those users who spend a lot of time reviewing drawings.

Minimize to improve drawing area

Minimize these to improve drawing area – Click image to see full size

1. Size of ribbon can be set to text only menu, a compromise or a full size ribbon page.  If you prefer how elMaster Design looked prior to the introduction of ribbon you can mimic that appearance using this setting. If you are reviewing and do not intend to work with the drawings you can save even more screen area with RIBBONCLOSE to hide the ribbon. Use RIBBON to show it again.

2. Ides Toolpalette can be docked. If you by accident close it you can have it opened again using IDESTOOLPALETTE.

3. Hide the command line with Ctrl+9 or COMMANDLINEHIDE. As an alternative one can undock it to have it floating in the drawing area which allows for a larger drawing area.

Large drawing area

Large drawing area – Click image to show full size

Search in AutoCAD to find commands

AutoCAD comes with a neat search feature. It is useful for those occasions when you don’t recall what the icon to find that command you’re looking for looks like or where in the ribbon it can be found. There is also the case with uncommon commands that do not have an icon in the ribbon. If you know what you’re looking for it’s quicker to search this way compared to searching in the help.

AutoCAD search feature

AutoCAD search – Click image to see full size

Note that how the search result is presented it shows you at which ribbon page the command is located. It lets you know where to find it next time.

Product Status

Current Releases

– Master Concept 12.2.1 (Version:
– Master Concept 11.2.6 (Version:
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Planned Releases

– During Q3 we plan to release a 12.2.2 fix.