16.0, Letter Codes and Automatic Designation

In the 16.0 version we added more support for Letter Codes and Automatic Designation. Read more about this in IEC/ISO 81346-2.


  • Support Several Letter Code Sets, you can have several configuration for different plants/customers
  • Support several characters “+CB”
  • Supports leading zeros, “+CB001”
  • We added the suggested configuration according to “IEC/ISO 81346-2” in our default database installation.
  • CODES_LETTERCODE_SET –  The letter code set used. This can be changed in the Settings Dialog.
  • CODES_LETTERCODE_NUMBERS – Configuration for how many digits used on each level in the designation. This can be changed in the Settings Dialog.




MasterConcept 12.3.7 SR3 Fix7 Released


Information We have released this version on the ftp.

Please Download on the customer web.


16.0, Project handling

In the 16.0 version we have added more functionality to project handling module.

Project Specific Documentation
Documents that belongs to a project and only to a project can now be created under the project. These documents are not located anywhere else in the tree browser. What kind of documents is that? Tender, Project Directives, Project Logs etc.

Project Structure
Customers wants to structure the documents with in a project. In this version it is possible to create information objects that only can be seen under a project.

Information Objects
Information objects are new included in the project handling.

  • Project Restrictions
  • Project Status
  • Project Traceability

Project Module

16.0, Improved manual

In MasterConcept Ultimate 16, we have done some work to improve the manual.

The biggest change is that  the Function description and User guide chapter now is one chapter.

This results in:

  • Easier to find what you’re looking for
  • A better overview
  • Less pages in the tree (some pages has been integrated into one)