20.0, Important changes

  • Role Modules – Read only removed
    We have reworked and removed the use of “Read Only” modules. The read only modules replaced by “Read Access” modules and Edit.
  • Rework in the Data tab for objects
    Article and Individual have moved out to own tabs, and some other smaller fixes to clear up the data for objects
  • Software Requirements changes client
    • Microsoft.Net Framework version 4.8
    • Oracle Client, Oracle Database 19c Client
  • Software Requirements changes server
    • Oracle version 18c XE
    • Oracle version 19c

Version 20.0 Released

Key features

  • Eco-Design, the environment aspect of a plant
  • Analyze an electrical point for better overview
  • BricsCAD support
  • Digital Risk Assessments, Disconnecting & Connection and Work Permit