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Designation Configuration

In version 19.0 it is possible to control in more detail which settings you want. Not just by standard and main folder, but also by structure and part of plant. The different settings format, category structure and letter codes have their own dialogs where you create the different configurations. In the new designation configuration dialog, […]

Designation Format

In version 19.0 we have improved the possibility to configure the object designations in the system. You can now in detail control what designations are allowed for each level and designation structure. For each level of the designation you can specify a mask that controls what is a permitted designation and what prefix is ​​to […]

Category Structures

In Master Concept it is possible to specify how your plant should be structured. In Category settings you can specify that a category is an End Category. That means that no objects are allowed under an object with a category that is specified as an End Category. Form version 19.0 you can also create named […]

Letter Codes

Letter codes are used to create new designations or set object categories for objects with a new designation. New for version 19.0 is that you can specify a filter for the upper designation that limits the number of proposed designations. There is also a new description field that is used if there is more than […]