12.2, Performance

During the 12.2 version we spent time on several performance issues. We focused on issues as latency problems, SQL area flushing, SQL parsing issues and the save to database functionality.

Note: We are not done there will be areas/modules in the product that will be adressed in the future. But we hope that by addressing these areas you will notice a change.

We think that the changes made are notable even if you have the database close and have no issues with latency. We tested save to database on a drawing in our support environment and then we upgraded to the 12.2 version.

Version 12.1: 13 s
Version 12.2: 7 s

With an environment with higher latency the performance gain will be even more.

Areas/Modules that we have addressed
• Save to database
• Objects in data tab, object list, right mouse button
• Documents in data tab, document list, right mouse button
• SQL across the products are now handles not to be parsed several times

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