Language settings and AutoCAD

It has been brought to our attention there is another problem with AutoCAD and Windows language settings. There is a new language setting in Windows and AutoCAD does not support having it activated.


AutoCAD is unable to start. The following error message appears.

Exception in vl.crx ARX command

Exception in vl.crx ARX command


To solve this problem go to Windows settings for Region and Change system locale…

In the Region Settings dialogue you uncheck the option Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support.

Further reading

The vl.crx-problem is described in short above. In Autodesk Knowledgebase there is a full description.

Recently we wrote about AutoCAD crashing upon start with error “VLISP internal error: Unhandled exception on init”. Our solution was to rearrange the Windows language priority so that there no longer was a red warning icon showing. Autodesk posted a workaround to that problem. The same/similiar problem also have a another article in their knowledgebase with solution same as above.

In short you should be wary about changing language settings as it might break things.

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